It’s time to embrace change

Autumn is here and with it comes some amazing colours but its just a shame the temperatures drop. Trying to control nature is what we attempt and in some ways we might be a bit sucessful in putting off the stark contrast of winter. Isnt it better to just embrace the reds and oranges? Mildew … Continue reading It’s time to embrace change

Harvesting Some Monsters

Well as things go in the kitchen garden somethings have done well and some have exceeded. The size of these two beetroot blows away anything I've grown before. I do have one concern and that would be the taste. They might be OK but usually the small ones have more taste, so there's only one … Continue reading Harvesting Some Monsters

Autumn is Knocking on the Door

Well after months of glorious weather with temperature averages up to levels that happen only once a decade we seem to be back to a wet and soggy normality. And with that cooler breeze and extra moisture comes a change in colors. Only recently a has the yellowing and browning started. It wasnt those colours … Continue reading Autumn is Knocking on the Door

August garden recap

The kitchen garden has gone from strength to strength and in cases of the cucumbers and courgettes slightly too well. Ive missed quite a while on my blog as Ive started work as a web developer which has taken most if not all of my time. I have felt guilty of not creating any posts. … Continue reading August garden recap

The Joys of Gardening

Not everytime when we garden do we get results to be proud of even if our efforts were. My slight error this year comes from growing pak choi. After searching the Internet for an answer as to why they are flowering I found out they are highly prone to bolting. The problem I guess has … Continue reading The Joys of Gardening

I Need Your Gardening Help and Expertise

I have a bit of a dilemma. I have recycled some old iron gates as a thin fence between the lawn where the kids play and the kitchen garden. The idea was to add some height and structure to the garden, but now they look a little unfriendly. To the far right I have huneysuckle … Continue reading I Need Your Gardening Help and Expertise

Garden Reflection – So Far so Good

At what seems like half way the garden is pretty well full with many changes from the initial layout and there's basically due to unknown timing, weather and crop success. Timing is mostly down to knowing the crops time span. Knowing how long they take comes down to experience. I have experience in the garden … Continue reading Garden Reflection – So Far so Good

Busy Bee Watch the World go by

I was sat in the garden while many bees happily went about their business. These are my broad beens with beautiful black and white flowers. My focus was playing up due to the sun setting so please forgive my fuzzy pics. It was so cool to just sit next to them and they never seemed … Continue reading Busy Bee Watch the World go by

Reduce Food Costs: 6 Top Tips for the Kitchen and Shopping

If like me your finding the food bill is taking too much out of the budget then these simple tips will reduce your costs. 1. Created a varied schedule that everyone likes. Setting different foods for each meal can bring in more choices. Before I would lok in the fridge to see what we would … Continue reading Reduce Food Costs: 6 Top Tips for the Kitchen and Shopping