The Makeshift Compost bin Worked!

I am truly surprised at the speed of this All this material was last years greens. Granted the woody materials aren't there yet, but considering how I wanted to use it, I am over the moon about it. The worms and bugs are throughout the section. My plan was to bury the decomposed material in … Continue reading The Makeshift Compost bin Worked!

Kitchen garden phase 2 part 2

Well after a week of short stints and at times frustrating attempts, I have all but prepared the plot for this year's produce. As I showed in the previous post there's a new upper plot that was not used well last year. Now with it being south facing I hope it will improve my results … Continue reading Kitchen garden phase 2 part 2

Kitchen Garden – Phase 2

Well it's February 2019 and the weather is great. Shouldn't get carried away as last year's Beast from the East came with a hearty punch. This year I plan to change the garden aspects as some parts I felt were wasted with last year's glorious sunshine. At the moment it's a long bed that's been … Continue reading Kitchen Garden – Phase 2

New Years Eve… Let’s get Gardening!

It may be new years eve, but in England the temperature has been kind. It felt good to get out there. It was a short stint to tidy up some of the decayed plants that did so well last year. The garden is actually standing strong. It's a bit damp these days with not much … Continue reading New Years Eve… Let’s get Gardening!