Offer Something That People Want and Need

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I have heard this saying in many ways. When you want to have success with something, then naturally, what you have people must want it.

ch01-seg01-article01However, wanting is not enough, as people must hand over their hard-earned cash. To do this you have to include marketing and promoting. This is not fixed on an object you have made, such as a table, but can also be applied to you. If persuading is too hard for you, then try looking for a special market.

These places can bring up some surprises. Special areas of interest can help much more in building a brand. Be aware, your passion must come first before the specific niche.

A niche is only good if you show your belief and passion well. If you want to know what concerns people, then go online and search for a certain topic of interest, such as making a table.

Start by looking on blogs and comments sites covering the topic. From those results, looking at people’s opinions can help much more when showing what people may want.

You cannot guess correctly about their problems, you have to discuss those by asking them first.

Thanks, Nigel Openshaw


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