A Big Welcome to 2016

It’s happened again. I can’t believe it, the time has gone so quickly. I am of course talking about the end of one year and the beginning of another.

The photo is a screen grab from the fireworks show in Sydney, Australia. I was lucky enough to witness in person back in 2002/03.


The question I want to raise is, what shall we do about it? Well, personally I have plans to create a new blog that will centralize other things I have made. I have a couple of books, Windows desktop software and Android Apps to my name. I am a developer by hobbyist.

Another passion that has been dormant for far too long is sketching. Its the nicest form of expression as it feels freer than other methods.

So, for me I have thought recently of what will be in 10 years and 20 years, and the thing that strikes me is what will we be thinking of our digital efforts as we look back. I would like to say my software development has been good, but in someways a little mismanaged and missing direction.

The question is then put to you, what will you want to have to your name in 20 years time?

It makes 2016 put into a better perspective. A phrase I like is ‘Stop chasing minnows and look for something bigger’. I think this is a good point to work out our priority.

Happy New Year and I hope your focus will be more precise. Share your plans here I would love to talk about them.


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