Plan to Break Up Your Time

Let me start by asking for you to think about your day. Next, think about yesterday and then think about the past week.

  • Have you used your time somewhat badly?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time?
  • Have people around you stole your time?
  • Have you spent too much time doing the same tasks?

Whats going on?


The problem that comes across all these questions is time management. For most people time management is not included in their thinking. If you are reading this then it suggests you are already above many people just by knowing about it.

So what can you do? Well, you could start by creating priority checks on everything you do. Building reasons and asking, “WHY?” might help too.

A probable fix!

I have another way and that is to create a schedule. If you remember in school, you would have lessons and also periods of time around them to be able to get to the rooms. What if you could create those small windows for your day?

The idea is that you will have problems. Be prepared to fill time with emergency events. The reality is you will get tasks that can happen at any time, and they probably need doing as soon as possible.

You need to create mini breaks in your schedule for emergencies. It could be as simple as ten minutes per hour of free time. Then you would have time to finish and start the next thing with no serious disruption to your schedule.

In summary

It may seem a little wasteful in your schedule, but bear in mind your thinking is that those small windows are available and if nothing happens, then the time is yours.


photo credit: DSC_0121 via photopin (license)


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