20 Tips to Break Through Stress and get to Happier Times

How do we get things done and move on to happier times?

We all have stuff to do, be it at home or work. Most times, it includes the add problem of needing to be done. This can include the following problems:

– Overwhelming
– Tiredness
– Stress
– Pressure
– Deadlines
– Exams and tests and the list goes on…..

462250204_3d2d7095e8_oPressure or not the job in had still needs a result so pressure is therefore a non needed part of the equation. Then it becomes a question of how to remove it. I for one would put it down on paper first, but also you can put on your computer, or phone and take it with you. The concept of doing anything without really planning could be a little dangerous.

It’s Time to Get Things Done!

“1. You are in command, and let people know it.

Being tidy, diligent and on top of what you do, is half of the job done. If people see you as effective then they will accept your methods. Remember, people only question failures, so be productive!

2. Start the day right: Eat well.

Get a good breakfast because if you don’t then your whole day becomes a snacking mission.

3. Plan, plan and plan some more.

Making a little extra time before starting something can then make the process much quicker. Your goals are more visual and easier to reach. Make a to-do list first then attack.

4. Looking at the good and bad.

Within what every you do, if you have an idea, instead of starting it, just think about any pros and cons that can affect it.

5. Look at where you work. Is it productive?

When you work, would you be surprised if I said the environment affects how you work? So if your desk or area is clean and efficient then it is going to help you. So go ahead and sort it out.

6. Asking for help.

Getting help from others can add a clarity to what you are doing. They can look at it with a different view and possibly better than yours.

7. Taking risks might lead to time wasted.

When doing something, to get it done might hurt you without clear guidelines.

8. Make sure there is time for you.

It’s easy to set time for all the things you want to get done, but also think about yourself. If you don’t, then the other things aren’t going to get done.

9. Plan to break your time.

Be prepared though to fill these with emergency events. The reality is you will get tasks that can happen at any time and they probably need doing ASAP. This is where the break time planning comes in as you now have time to finish and start the next thing with no serious disruption to your schedule.

10. Ignore distractions.

Make your message system on your phone is set to silent. This does not even mean vibration. Any sms, mms text, social or email messages start to get annoying when you hear a notification bell. So, turn them off and read them all after lunch time or another time to suit you.

11. Learn to say, “no!”

Your day is already busy so why add more? We do it without thinking. We keep adding more and more and results get worse and worse. What gives? The rule is to stop and say, “no”, sometimes. Give respect to what you have and treat it well.

12. Add more time.

Sometimes what we do can take longer than we thought, so adding a little extra time can take the stress out of it all.

13. Eliminate and remove.

Watch your time. Don’t spend your time doing filler. Be wary of what you do as it can kill time badly.

14. Know when to stop.

When doing things and time ticks on, how do you usually go? For most they still want the job done, naturally, but does what you do deserve more time? Question what it is and then stop. Don’t damage your schedule and other plans because of impractical deadlines.

15. Early starts.

For many top people around the world they believe in getting up at 6am or so in the morning and getting an hour of something done before work or the family get up. Think how you would feel throughout the day knowing what you’ve done already.

16. One thing at once. Don’t multi-task.

It might sound cool and you think you look amazing, but the reality is quality will suffer. Do one thing and do it well, then move on to the next.

17. Reviews and treats.

After tackling your list(s) for a while, give yourself a pat on the back and a treat. Remember you have to enjoy what you do, otherwise it’s going to be so tedious.

18. Got a computer, phone or tablet? Make them work for you.

Making your devices sync up important information can help you from being locked to a room and so be more free.

19. Delegate and pass it on.

Outsourcing your stuff might not always be possible but when you can its a great way to get things done.

20. Make use of time.

Do you find yourself waiting around? If so what do you do in that time you have? Probably not much. You could read messages, etc. that you have or read a book you have been meaning to get around to.”

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