Be a Provider to People You Care About

Do not ask questions for people to answer, simply give them advice.

It looks slightly pretentious and false of you to create a stage in the eventuality of promoting just yourself. Think of helping others without any additions will look more natural.

8820779904_d4f5aae140_bIf you feel that they might look at you differently, then isn’t that a good thing. If you have never been in that position before then its going to be a good day for you. The fact that you would see it as strange, whereas some would see it as normal is a great place to achieve.

I am at sometimes very possessive and I know about this, but differences in my actions don’t happen all the time. The thing I like to do is cook and so for others I would make nice things to eat. When I do that I don’t expect anything in return except praise on the food.

The lesson here should be done in small steps as too much might come across as too much. Try it out one time within an area you see you can help people and then review how it went.



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