Day 1 for the future. A New Year and a New Job

It’s been a mixed couple of months really. It’s a case of having a lot of spare time around my job as an ESL teacher. The question I keep asking is, what comes next? And the reason is that it’s not forever. The past few months have been filled with tasks including software development, writing and completing books.

To answer the question we need to first work out what you are good at. This can be many things as most people never stick to just one thing and are more than capable of having many skills.
I am refraining here from using the word ‘hobby’ as I don’t see it as job material. The reason I say this, is because I love to be creative and as above I said I like to develop software. Now I had that as a job as well and was stressful and didn’t compare to what I was doing for fun. Don’t get me wrong as many people have hobbies as jobs, but in general what you like to do will not be the same as a hobby.

Let’s reword that question to, What can you do that you wouldn’t mind doing if you had a hard time at work doing it? A way to imagine that is to think of a job where a couple of people aren’t that helpful, ways and methods aren’t the way you prefer and you may have impossible deadlines.

If it’s still hard to answer then think about friends and family. Again you could ask, What ability do others see you as having? I don’t mean that because you’re the tech person of the family, or they say your photos are always great, but what can people come to you for personally?


The image here is from South Africa with some superb safaris.  You can watch this live with an app of mine:  Safari Live Chat

As well as thinking about what you like, you might also need to look at your skill level.  Right now I am teaching ESL but to compare that to elementary school and above, it doesn’t really compare.

Are you closer to an answer? I think for me, my skills are very mixed and not amazing in one area. I want to help people, possibly on a personal level but groups would be okay. It’s hard to make a call but I don’t think I would go back into tech. The jury is still out for me.

I hope your next position is easier to work out. Let me know how you are doing.


photo credit: let’s go via photopin (license)

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