A problem shared is a problem halved, but just how big do you want the problem to be?

We have problems all the time, its natural to have them in our day. Sometimes these problems get ignored and grow more than they should. Problems can exist in things we do and we have to look at our character. If people around you are concerned or simply say something that you don’t seem is just then maybe its time to have a more closer look at yourself.

Problems! What Problems?

The day you make an excuse is the day you are in denial of the problem. Denial is a strong word, but ignoring any problems is also a strong act. To deny something just because you don’t like it can be detrimental.

Ignoring something can grow and grow. Overtime you might regret something that could have been fixed easily, but now you might need help from others.

If others offer help, the initial denial from you would say no thanks to them and carry on the stalemate. The question then is how long does the whole situation carry on until its too much.

Reaching out for help might be too hard for some. Help from others may be seen as a sign of weakness and a troubled character that cannot deal well with problems. If for example this was at work it can be understandable to feel peer pressure if something is not to good, but isn’t asking for help more of a sign of a stronger character.

If shows a level of respect to people around you that you see their experience as something that can help you. In future times they also may seek advice in you.

Now which way would you want to go?

1. Sit there with a problem burning away in you not knowing which way to go?


2. Ask out for help ignoring any stigma of failure and getting the problem finished?


I have experience of sitting there doing nothing. Any more problems that come along feel like a bus hitting you. It may sound simple to just ask out and it is. Its your ego and self doubt that stops you from progressing. So, just get up and make a decision within three seconds to either sit back down in your own problem or share with others.

photo credit: South_Africa_Dec_10_298 via photopin (license)


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