Simple Tips on how to Involve People

Don’t make people feel bad about their own failures in cleaning.

My own failure was a big lesson and that should have been to tidy together. Be a leader not a manager. You need to have default locations for things such as remotes, keys, money etc. One thing that drove me mad was to hear, for example, “where is the drier?” Or “where is the charger cable?” I knew where all my stuff was but they didn’t. After this I noticed that help was needed for them as we are all together in the same house and surprisingly those questions are now gone because we share an understanding.

There is no his or her room to allocate items as everything is together. You are a family so act like one. If you have the option of a spare small room, then why not make it into a clothing room for everyone. That way the bedrooms become a place of sleep and have less clutter. Also, you should try this with technology too. Try putting the computer into the main room for all to share. Share is the main keyword here.
Also make a location to find all tech cables. You will need a default location for them to charge too.

Think about what you need as you leave the house. Maybe you need shoes, coat, gloves and keys. Did you think about tissues or face mask?

 Easy suggestions are over!

Now, this next one may be sacrilege but move the TV to the small clothing room. “WHAT???” I hear you say, but believe it or not it’s just a noise running away for most of the time. Replace it with a radio and the personal communication  between family will improve.

So right now before moving anything, think about what you have and see if you could group them up. Try these group locations: Clothing room Tech draw stationary papers kids homework books plants utilities room now another one REMOVE ALL SNACKS.

photo credit: The Dustbin Men via photopin (license)


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