You Hold the Key to Inspiration. Now use it!

To be inspired, what does that mean to you?

I for one like to say I inspire others as I am a teacher. As a teacher my role is to give information in a constructive, fun and compelling way for the students to understand and retain. But to be inspired has to have certain traits and a mindset to be able to reach that place.

Inspiration is a place where we claim we can then achieve what we want. For students it is the time they accept and want to perform in whatever it is they are doing. It almost seems mythical and a spiritual place, but to say that to some would seem a little too trippy. But in a sense it is as we have to be willing to open our mind to a way of thinking and we arent always in that state of mind.

To describe the state of inspiration would start to sound spiritual as it includes moods and feelings and a state of almost bliss so we can then accept and think of the bigger picture. It is almost a case of losing focus to then gain focus in another relm.

And so why do we want to achieve this new place of epiphany? Can we not get things done in our normal way of thinking? Well actually not always and sometimes to see the bigger picture sometimes demands we look elsewhere for help and that is why inspiration is there to help you.


The conclusion so far is that now we can agree it is good to get things done with inspiration, which leads to the next question and that is how to achieve it?
I mentioned previously in another post about ways to get to that level and the main general idea about getting to the promised land is quite simply, escapism.

We need to break and get out of our current thinking to see something in another light, but it is not as easy as that because we cannot force ourselves to be inspired. So sadly it is almost like you are giving an invitation to mind hoping it accepts.

Let’s wrap up

And so to conclude about being inspired we need to work upon ourselves in reaching acceptance so then we have a chance of fulfilling and answering our initial problems. And as I have just said we need to give our minds a vacation from our current state and show new and enticing opportunities as well as experiencing new ways of thinking.

photo credit: Good Morning Long Island! via photopin (license)


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