20 Successful Business Tips

​Business is tough especially if you are carrying the company.

I have for a few years run my own English academy. The management was difficult at times as you need to constantly deal with customers and keep them happy. That was really hard as I was working in a demanding sector. If you are involved in business in some way or other then this list of inspirational quotes will help in focussing your efforts. 

20 Successful Business Tips

1 20% effort 80% result is wher it counts.

2 Be focused and have a strong structure in place.

3 Dont use bloated and over engineered tools. Use something only for the job in hand.

4 What impact have your actions made?

5 Success has arrived when you say “I wish this had happened earlier.”

6 understand your customer by being that person.

7 Keep testing as there is always room for improvement.

8 Fing your target market by putting a face and a name to them.

9 Treat customers as individuals with their own individual needs.

10 Use your personal brand as it is who you are. Chances other companies haven’t pushed themselves.

11 Don’t think of bargains, think of good value.

12 Don’t forget the small things as what your customer sees represents you and your company.

13 Look at your company from the outside. Is it complicated to understand?

14 Be genuine and show enthusiasm, customers will thank you for it!

15 If you feel out of control and blinded, try to achieve a smaller focus on surrounding issues.

16 How much are you worth to you?

17 Copy first, original ideas come later.

18 Plan and make priorities.

19 Do what you think is right today. If tomorrow is bad then at least you can look back to a good day.

20 Make people feel special. Give them a personal and private experience.

Please leave your comments and any other tips that would be helpful.


photo credit: Montreal Chinatown at Night via photopin (license)


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