​Take a Break, Step Back and Stop Making Errors

As challenges go in our daily life, some are easy and some are hard. 

We see challenges in the most mundane and trivial of places that are mostly unnecessary. We perform this way because it is how we fill our day with trivial things but they become bigger until they become untenable. Why should we be running with these things?

photo credit: 藍川芥 aikawake Crying Girl via photopin (license)

I am also to blame for these miniscule efforts, but in my mind they are not so and are bigger. In fact they feel like life-changing and yet when those little problems get completed the effect is almost an anti-climax.  It’s like I am waiting for something like a surprise reward but would never happen. 

I question if we should do these things where we over stimulate a subject to the degree of almost guaranteeing disappointment upon completion.

My point comes from my feeling recently that I’m making mistakes in my various situations. My feeling has kind of questioned am I doing the right things?

My reasons

I questioned this because I have a method in my life all this something is difficult to make a good clear decision then I will not choose but do them later when they can be achieved. So far I felt I have more clarity in the decisions I’ve made but some decisions still not being satisfactory. 

Its a work in progress, I guess.
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