​Decisions: Be Inspired, not Impulsive

I make decisions when times are made clear. 

If I did not then the percentage of errors may increase. Impulsive living isn’t everything.
One problem with making decisions occurs when we cannot wait and decisions need to be made quicker. I have used a solution to speed up slightly in the whole process and that involves inspiration. 

Now inspiration is in its own form is a complex and sometimes random state which can be hard to use as a tool. That should not deter you from what it can do.

Put simply, inspiration can be achieved when we are at peace and have tranquil thoughts. This may be swimming at the beach, walking in the country or simply reading a book.

We do need to wait for times to become clearer, but we can speed up the process by slowing down our minds processing.

Pride yourself on not making a decision until you are ready. 


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