Try a Different Perspective 

Recently I have been getting ready for my trip back to my home country of the UK. I plan to set up a new career after my eight years as an ESL teacher in South Korea.

What I have noticed was that all my small projects, in writing, development or whatever have become fragmented. Today I looked at all things that I have done and turned it all around.

Gone are the days of being an author or a developer as I now welcomed the subject to be the frontrunner.

What this means is I do not have to write a book for every topic nor do I need to make an Android app if they do not need one. It all becomes a case of letting each subject shine alone with its own qualities.

Take this blog, in the same subject I have written a book. I now plan to make a video course which before did not seem to fit.

And now…

My problem was to look at things and see them in the wrong light. Right now I have four projects that are much clearer than before.

photo credit: Tuomo Lindfors Hiljainen kansa via photopin (license)

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