Get Focus and Clarity in Whatever You Do

I am a software and web designer by trade and have worked in companies and made websites for people. As well as others I have made my own projects too. 

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During my time I have developed this method below. For a long time I had no focus and would just go with the flow but creating a structure, as below, created better results. I always believe that testing in most places is left too late in the whole process.

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1. Features and development 

  • Design – what ideas to implement.
  • Gimmicky prototyping 
  • Basic testing – fix small bugs to make it run standard functions
  • Major stress testing 
  • Start up the website to show “in progress.” 

 2. Complete modules

  • Confirm of layout design 
  • General testing – fix small bugs to make it run without major stress testing 

3. Communication of modules 

  • Add features for communication. 
  • Complete parts – to work at a satisfactory standard. 
  • Smoke testing – make sure everything does the job with correct data. 
  • A little stress testing to cover all parts of program are OK 

4. Rethink of software so far (Feature complete but not design complete) 

Note: This was a process I didn’t initially think about but the concept of a “half time break” to analyze a working model and then reorganize that with even the concept of removing stuff done has now provided programs that are even easier to build on and improve later .

  • Redesign main pages to allow future development. – Streamlining 
  • Redevelop the main section pages to increase legible code and make faster loading times. copy the shell to private projects and bring in part by part of the original code as needs be. 
  • Static code analysis – check over and streamline code 
  • Increase the stress testing level to push with data that probably might break it. 
  • Assessment of the program so far and what or where features for the future could go. 
  • Website design – decided to create this here just as an initial site to exist. 
  • Help manual – started to create a manual style help. Initially logging down the main aspects to later be rearranged into some kind of order. 

5. Add more features and more communication to shape together better

  • Optimize and code clean 
  • Adding extra little features to make the process and general use much easier. 
  • Testing with stress testing intention to fail.
  • Help file – complete. This is possible as the program will not be changed drastically. 

6. Code freeze – Refactoring 

  • Optimize and code clean 
  • Static code analysis 
  • Negative testing – major testing to fail program 
  • Boundary values – min max 
  • Wrong characters – num/ ASCII 


This will be for public release but still in testing phase. 

1. First public release

  • Make sure in this version that the program runs well in all environments before inclusion of new code. 
  • Feedback on errors. 
  • Monitoring the amount of purchases at this level is worth noting. 
  • Optimize and code clean 
  • Fine-tuning and fluency 
  • If the program runs fast and clean with no bugs then go to next stage 

2. Second public release

  • Feedback on errors and features to be taken into consideration but still chances of fixes and changes. 
  • To reach this point will result in a smooth running and profitable product with no need to program. 
  • Promotion on web about product. 


This will be the final version of the commercial product. 

1. Promotion of software. 

  • Next version: ideas and feedback gained. 
  • Pick out and develop most requested.

Major Marketing

The software is good and solid to promote and be made public.



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