10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

Too Many Decisions? Well I hope I can help you.
You would think that the older you get makes your live easier to deal with, but I have to say, categorically it doesn’t.
Experience seems to count for nothing at times. And so I would like to make a fun list of how to make a more correct decision.

My top 10 in no particular order:
1. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate the situation.
2. Prioritize. Look at what should be done not what you can do.
3. Get an opinion. If at times you are lost then ask a friend.
4. Toss a coin. Hey, if it’s a 50-50 decision, why not? Moreover you could make a homemade dice for custom decisions.
5. Past experiences. If whatever you are facing was like before and it can help, then use it.
6. Get educated. For whatever situation you are in someone somewhere has been there before.
7. Logic touch. If you can see emotion clouding your judgement then remove it and look at it logically.
8. Take your time. Added pressure does not help so stop and take a break.
9. Do the right thing. Ask yourself honestly are you doing the right thing.
10. If all else fails then go with your gut instinct

If you listened to everyone’s comments you would never know where to turn, but I hope these can help.


photo credit: vimalknz Decisions via photopin (license)


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