Be Inspired and Keep on Writing Blogs and Books

​It’s great weather here in the UK right now. 

It’s  also been very inspiring too. My writing on the blog may have taken a week off but that does not mean I have been idle.

Focus has returned for me recently and with that I have managed to all but publish my 2nd ESL teaching book. I am finally happy with the new lessons and the content they use. As with my first book I promote English discussion with a modular lesson plan. It gas been incredibly  successful, so I guess that means a sequel should be made. So much so, I have another one drafted well too.

The reason I promote these models is because I see that ESL speakers need help in confidence and giving them a backbone with these lessons helps tremendously. 

For the past 3 months I have taught new students from new countries which have given me a more varied approach in teaching. This would include more focus pronunciation and more grammar.

But all the time I would focus on giving them confidence in speaking. 

How about you?

And so back to it. Let me know if you have any book projects on the go

3 thoughts on “Be Inspired and Keep on Writing Blogs and Books

    1. Thanks. The first books content was in the Recycle Bin for a while before I thought of using it.
      Another book is about my travels in Australia and New Zealand. It was finished last year but I went there in 2002. They can come from anywhere and also take a while. 🙂

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