How I Deal with Anxiety

​Anxiety is a skill I don’t want!

Can’t you just imagine being alongside Captain America and Iron Man with a superpower of anxiousness?

Over time I have come to accept small spaces as not a fun place to be in. 

This came about 15 years ago when  I stepped into a fairly small elevator (half the normal size) and the feeling was something I had not felt before. It was strange with an odd feeling and also not knowing what I could do.

This came back later when I thought my fear of flying was the height issue, but no. The even wierder thing now is that because of knowing that I can fly better in the small cabin.

Calm breathing

I have felt anxious in cars and busses before but I thought it was impatience and as with the plane I can now control it better with knowing and feeling calm. 

Acceptance is key

I cannot change the size of the place nor should I get out, so now I breathe calmly and the fear subsides.

I have to say that it also explains my overly controlling nature of spaces at home. Open plan houses are heaven for me.

Heres my view at work which is very helpful to see nature.

Share your helpful experiences and lets talk.



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