How Well Can You Take Criticism?

It can come in some unexpected situations

I play for a local pool team of about 12 members in total including some good friends from school from over 20 years ago. We play in league 2 and currently sit mid table. Last night though we shocked the best team in the league with a 4-3 win. It was also a great night with it also being a home match. The score has usually been a 4-3 against in previous games.

As you can see from the post main photo we have a theme of wearing Hawaiian shirts. We are well known for this and to a point is quite clever in creating a team and not looking to pretentious and to look like we just want some fun. I am at the far left in the green shirt.

I have many years experience playing pool and snooker and I was on a winning streak, but it came to a halt against a very good player. I didn’t play any different, but I felt that all night that I couldn’t control the white ball. It seemed to go wherever it wanted.


Later in the night one friend said I have a poor routine in addressing the table. At first my thought was any help is welcome as I am a recent new addition to the team. But after a while it kept nagging at me how I could have a problem that serious for so long and never notice it. It was a bizarre fight in my head to understand I have a positive fix for something but then still be thinking how could I have been so wrong all that time.

Criticism is fine but…

I was so angry with myself and yet so happy to be given great praise and constructive help. What he gave me was a pre-shot routine. I think that is the real problem with criticism in that we believe we are correct in what we do, but sometimes we just need to listen and appreciate that others have out best interests at heart.


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