I need YOUR HELP with referrers

I have been looking at my stats recently only to notice that 99% of referrers are from the WordPress.com Reader.

blog2The problem I see with that is they don’t see the real website as they live in the RSS feeder.

Another problem with that is the instant ‘like’ button, which I cannot for the life of me work out why people would like without even reading our head worked posts.

So my question to you is my 99% similar to the rest of you or do you have other places where your viewers come from?

All help is welcome


      • One thing that helps a bit is not to have blgname.wordpress.com. the other thing is to get seo right.. and the social media right. But at the end of day it depends what people are searching for.. i think with blogging there are dips. And for example i get some good fb and twitter traffic and sometimes nothing. I havent mastered this bligging stuff and social media.. but it does work sometimes i get a few different refers..

        But hibestly i dont kniw so much..

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      • I agree the free wordpress is not great. I have had a couple of dotcoms over the years and traffic from google was much better than this. But the social element with fellow bloggers is more focused here.

        Saying that though i know theres a horrible culture on here of just liking without even reading. I know the stats for a post with a video the post got many likes but the video got 0 views. I dont like that Like button without even reading.

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      • Oh yeah i know i see it with my blog when i shate videos or i reblog.

        But if you pay too much attention to this stuff it gets you down.. so i remind myself of why i blog and focus on the bloggers who i feel are good friends..

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      • I upgrade quite early in my blogging life and i did it for a completely different reason. WordPress offer so much for free and the community is great. I pay for my wp because of karma i dont feel it right not to pay a little something to wp because they offer so much. I mean a blog can be created in 10mins and you dont have to code. I also pay to do my bit to keep wp making money otherwise we all loose out. But that is me..

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      • I feel upgrading still wouldnt give me the power I had in a purchased dotcom. So I will stick for now.

        A bonus i found out today is we need smaller slugs ๐Ÿ˜‚ . the address title should be different than the web address.
        We should lose the articles and other small words. Also keep it compact.

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      • If you look at your blog on a computer then what you see in the page address bar is the slug. I did not know this but we are supposed to make them search engine friendly.

        Its the same as a Google search in that it removes certain words. We should make our addresses smaller.

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      • Oh yeah. the title is for us whereas the slug is for the computers seo stuff. So your important words should be in the slug๐Ÿ˜†

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  1. I do not have an answer though I do see some improvements in referral from Search compared to six months ago that is after I tidied up my slug and mentioning key words of the post more in the body of the post.

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