It’s time to make a new vegetable garden – Part 2

If you missed my earlier post, I was talking about a new venture in growing vegetables. I intend to grow enough to supply the family  as well as give the kids a good experience.

You can check out the earlier post in making a vegetable garden here.

So now after some long hot days I am pretty well exhausted. Its been tough. I wanted to get it done and set up quickly. It has been prepared well and now we can look forward to doing the easier part together.

Landscape designer time!

Today was a landscaping job. I had to move a fair piece of the lawn to the far side (no sunlight) which then gives me a much bigger space. If I had my way I would have taken more up, but where do the kids and dog play. I am sure I can squeeze some veg plants in somewhere.

The main problem I had to fix was what had been buried under the soil. If you look at the photos you can see a mound of rubble, but that’s not all as all the bricks that made the recycle box also came out. Why do people bury rubbish????


Exciting planning!

The plot so far can handle quite a lot. I will have 2 main beds with 4 to 5  parts per bed. It depends on what the family will eat so it can be changed to fit their needs. To put this in context we have a half row of spring onions already and there’s a chance it’s too much. It feels great to have a great chance to eat organic veg and homegrown as well.



  1. Your garden beds are impressive! This year i did all raised beds. Every year I try something new as there is a new thing to overcome. Moles are an issue, as well as squirrels, and rabbits, and I haven’t even mentioned the insects/bugs. Though with all of that, year after year, I keep trying. Your garden is thriving! Congrats to you on that! 🙂



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