Reduce Food Costs: 6 Top Tips for the Kitchen and Shopping

If like me your finding the food bill is taking too much out of the budget then these simple tips will reduce your costs.

1. Created a varied schedule that everyone likes.

Setting different foods for each meal can bring in more choices. Before I would lok in the fridge to see what we would be eating that night.

2. Less waste of food.

buying for the neals means also the foods are what you need with no real extras.

3. Fix in certain veg.

If my kids knew they would eat avocado they would refuse. This new menu makes it easier to hide healthy foods in meals without them knowing.

4. Shopping is structured with less impulsive buying.

Buying set foods creates a fridge of wanted foods and not full of impulsive foods.

5. Bonus is that the veg I buy is now growing my veg garden.

Tonight I instantly cut some lettuce for our meal. I even went out while we had started eating to get more.

Korean styled pork rice and lettuce with chilli sauce.

6. Recycling

The pots and containers that we buy our food in will be used as containers to grow seeds and such like in the garden.

This plan for me reduced so much stress in what to cook that it now becomes autonomous.



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