The Joys of Gardening

Not everytime when we garden do we get results to be proud of even if our efforts were.

My slight error this year comes from growing pak choi.

After searching the Internet for an answer as to why they are flowering I found out they are highly prone to bolting.

The problem I guess has been to the high temps and lack of rain in Manchester England. Some how weve had only 4 good attempts of rain in 2 months which is unheard of.

What is bolting?

For those who have not heard of bolting, what it means is that the plant has given up making the food and instead focus on making seed.

So for me I now have lovely yellow flowers in my veggie garden.

And so…

I have seen that its possible to eat the stems which is not really the result I wanted, but it’s still something.

I will research more and see what I can do.

How about my fellow readers, have you any less than successful stories?



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