Android Apps

Apart from the blog I also create Android Apps. These are a fun thing I like to do and the apps were born out of a situation I wanted to fix.

Hangul – Korean Words

Learn over 1000 essential Korean words with English and Korean flash cards!

  • Choose from 24 categories with large collections of commonly used words.
  • Clicking on a word in the list then shows the Korean word on the top screen. Clicking again displays the English word.
  • Make sure you have Screen Rotation on as rotating your device will display the word as a large flash card.



Safari Live Chat

See animals live in South Africa complete with interactive guides from Kruger National Park!

  • There are two live sessions of 3 hours (Sunrise and Sunset Safaris). If thats not enough then there are more cams live 24hrs
  • Type and send a message to the guides and other viewers via the Twitter feed.
  • If for any reason the main live drive feed is not working then there are a few more locations to try. Don’t forget to include #SafariLive.


Travel Cam

View photos from 24hr live cams in countries live all around the world!

  • Choose live photo-cams from a huge list of locations within 6 largely grouped areas around the world.
  • Cams include beaches, country, cities, towns, mountains and coastlines
  • Notice: Sometimes cameras can go down. They will be working again eventually so we need to be patient for them to be fixed in their time.


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