Harvesting Some Monsters

Well as things go in the kitchen garden somethings have done well and some have exceeded. The size of these two beetroot blows away anything I've grown before. I do have one concern and that would be the taste. They might be OK but usually the small ones have more taste, so there's only one … Continue reading Harvesting Some Monsters

Autumn is Knocking on the Door

Well after months of glorious weather with temperature averages up to levels that happen only once a decade we seem to be back to a wet and soggy normality. And with that cooler breeze and extra moisture comes a change in colors. Only recently a has the yellowing and browning started. It wasnt those colours … Continue reading Autumn is Knocking on the Door

August garden recap

The kitchen garden has gone from strength to strength and in cases of the cucumbers and courgettes slightly too well. Ive missed quite a while on my blog as Ive started work as a web developer which has taken most if not all of my time. I have felt guilty of not creating any posts. … Continue reading August garden recap