​What Do You Do to Be Happy?

Let me ask you are you really happy with everything you do? We need to know, use and control happiness to expect to have it.  Putting it simply we need command of what we do. This can be in a super small action but gives us so much more if we are successful. We need … Continue reading ​What Do You Do to Be Happy?

It’s Time to Clear out and Start Fresh!

Yay we are in a new year and what better time than to give your life a new approach. If you are feeling weighed down with burdens from your self then it's time to find out if you really need to do them. Sometimes we give ourselves things to do in believing they are necessary … Continue reading It’s Time to Clear out and Start Fresh!

It has Been a Good Year in Blogging!

Wow! I just received a message from WordPress telling me this blog is 1 year old. That's quite amazing to be honest. I just want to say thank you for all 'Subscribers and Likers' who have come my way. It has been great to see your sites as well. Hope you all have a Happy … Continue reading It has Been a Good Year in Blogging!

Be Thankful to Others

​Over recent times, the word 'teacher' has become replaced with 'edutainer'.  What we are to the students is someone to practice speaking and build their confidence. Kids now have to leave the classroom with a smile on their face. Discussion is more about confidence and having a flow rather than correctness. I have for the … Continue reading Be Thankful to Others