Another Year Over…

Firstly, merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have a great time 🙂 Well it’s the end of the year, but as the kitchen garden is going there’s no stopping. In my previous attempts of growing veggies they would have shut down and been cleared by end of October. Not sure how it is … Continue reading Another Year Over…

It’s time to embrace change

Autumn is here and with it comes some amazing colours but its just a shame the temperatures drop. Trying to control nature is what we attempt and in some ways we might be a bit sucessful in putting off the stark contrast of winter. Isnt it better to just embrace the reds and oranges? Mildew … Continue reading It’s time to embrace change

Birds in the Garden

Most times in the garden when we see animals we think of the chance of damage and this is not always the case as recently I've been sitting there watching the birds that would come in. They would stroll around the garden eating the bugs and anything they find in the garden which to me … Continue reading Birds in the Garden

It’s Been Great Spring Weather… So Far

Here's an update from my kitchen garden for May 2018 The weather has improved well if not too well. I have seeds of various crops started early in the mini greenhouse from last month. Recently the two bag system is working really well. The first bag I created held just lettuce. These have since been … Continue reading It’s Been Great Spring Weather… So Far