Kitchen Garden Review 2018

As the days get shorter and the temperatures plummet, it is time to recollect with what has been over the past year. It cannot be ignored just how good the weather was this year. To put in context rain should be falling 2 out of 3 days. This year was more like 2 days out … Continue reading Kitchen Garden Review 2018

I Need Your Gardening Help and Expertise

I have a bit of a dilemma. I have recycled some old iron gates as a thin fence between the lawn where the kids play and the kitchen garden. The idea was to add some height and structure to the garden, but now they look a little unfriendly. To the far right I have huneysuckle … Continue reading I Need Your Gardening Help and Expertise

Garden Reflection – So Far so Good

At what seems like half way the garden is pretty well full with many changes from the initial layout and there's basically due to unknown timing, weather and crop success. Timing is mostly down to knowing the crops time span. Knowing how long they take comes down to experience. I have experience in the garden … Continue reading Garden Reflection – So Far so Good