Kitchen Garden Review 2018

As the days get shorter and the temperatures plummet, it is time to recollect with what has been over the past year. It cannot be ignored just how good the weather was this year. To put in context rain should be falling 2 out of 3 days. This year was more like 2 days out … Continue reading Kitchen Garden Review 2018

It’s time to embrace change

Autumn is here and with it comes some amazing colours but its just a shame the temperatures drop. Trying to control nature is what we attempt and in some ways we might be a bit sucessful in putting off the stark contrast of winter. Isnt it better to just embrace the reds and oranges? Mildew … Continue reading It’s time to embrace change

Harvesting Some Monsters

Well as things go in the kitchen garden somethings have done well and some have exceeded. The size of these two beetroot blows away anything I've grown before. I do have one concern and that would be the taste. They might be OK but usually the small ones have more taste, so there's only one … Continue reading Harvesting Some Monsters

Autumn is Knocking on the Door

Well after months of glorious weather with temperature averages up to levels that happen only once a decade we seem to be back to a wet and soggy normality. And with that cooler breeze and extra moisture comes a change in colors. Only recently a has the yellowing and browning started. It wasnt those colours … Continue reading Autumn is Knocking on the Door