Kitchen garden phase 2 part 2

Well after a week of short stints and at times frustrating attempts, I have all but prepared the plot for this year's produce. As I showed in the previous post there's a new upper plot that was not used well last year. Now with it being south facing I hope it will improve my results … Continue reading Kitchen garden phase 2 part 2

Kitchen Garden – Phase 2

Well it's February 2019 and the weather is great. Shouldn't get carried away as last year's Beast from the East came with a hearty punch. This year I plan to change the garden aspects as some parts I felt were wasted with last year's glorious sunshine. At the moment it's a long bed that's been … Continue reading Kitchen Garden – Phase 2

Time to get ready for next years vegetables

Well its almost the end of the growing season in the UK and its now time to work out what to setup for next year. The vegetable garden has been created for only two months and it has just been expanded. I recently built a new stone wall retainer which meant I had the perfect … Continue reading Time to get ready for next years vegetables