Time to get ready for next years vegetables

Well its almost the end of the growing season in the UK and its now time to work out what to setup for next year. The vegetable garden has been created for only two months and it has just been expanded. I recently built a new stone wall retainer which meant I had the perfect … Continue reading Time to get ready for next years vegetables

Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden. I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it … Continue reading Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

Live for the Moment! Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

For two long painstaking months I had not wrote anything and I could not even if I wanted.  The time taught me that to make something I had to be immersed into it but I was not.    ​Practice What you Preach! Sometimes we just don't follow our own words.   Bring on the Passion … Continue reading Live for the Moment! Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Appreciate Life and be Happy

Recently I have been sorting out my things before my new adventure. And I have come to realize that if I am not happy then its because I am making the situation to complicated. If you think about times when you are happy most often than not they are good because we think  simply of … Continue reading Appreciate Life and be Happy