Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

I haven't released many posts recently. I have been writing though, but they haven't made it to this page. I guess I should practice what I preach and stop saving notes and start making posts.

Get the Kids in the Garden

My youngest has completely taken to the gardening life. He wants to cut the grass, cut old plants or to hoe the soil. My life has just got easier! 🙂 So I set about giving both my boys the task of sowing some seeds for radish, spinach and lettuce. These I chose as they are quick … Continue reading Get the Kids in the Garden

Flour Free Only Please

At what point do I state I don't eat flour? When or even why should it become common knowledge that there's a situation? I have seen first hand of a vegetarian who lived in a primarily meat driven society. He had problems in restaurants and with sharing foods as he could only have veggie only … Continue reading Flour Free Only Please